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After Shave Lotion Final

Beards and man-buns seem to be on trend and here to stay, but clean shaven is always a classic look. When dealing with such sensitive face skin it’s nice to have a product that protects from irritation and offers a boost of skin loving moisturizers. We’ve included just a hint of peppermint essential oil for that fresh and clean feeling too. So whether your shaving routine is just cleaning up around the edges, or if you’re going for a more clean shaven look, this thin after shave lotion will keep your skin happy.

What You’ll Need:

16 oz Distilled Water
1 oz Emulsifying Wax
1.5 oz Fractionated Coconut Oil
0.9 oz Apricot Kernel Oil
0.1 oz Evening Primrose Extract
0.1 oz Oat Extract
0.2 oz Optiphen
0.1 oz Peppermint 1st EO

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In a medium pyrex bowl weigh out the oils and emulsifying wax. Once weighed out, heat in the microwave until the emulsifying wax is completely melted.

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While the oils and waxes are heating in the microwave, in a smaller pyrex bowl weigh out the distilled water.


Once the oils and waxes are heated and melted, put the water in the microwave for about a minute. You want the water to be about 135 degrees F.

As the water is in the microwave, in a small container or mug weigh out the extracts, optiphen and essential oil. Set aside.

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When everything is heated, grab the stick blender and and put it in the oils. Pour the water down the shaft of the stick blender and blend into the oils.


Once you think you are done blending, blend for 2 more minutes! This recipe is going to be a bit thinner then most lotion recipes, which makes it hard to tell when it gets fully emulsified.

Once it is all mixed together, add in the extracts, optiphen and essential oil. You will notice that the lotion consistency will get thinner again. Blend together for about 30 seconds then pour into lotion bottles.

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Leave the caps off the bottles for 24 hours so the lotion can get back to room temperature. Once the lotion is at room temperature you can cap the bottles are use after shaving!


If you’re looking for a shaving cream to go with your aftershave, this tutorial is wonderful for that smooth shave!

If you are one of those men that take pride in your beard and mustache, then this tutorial is for you!

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