Avenger’s Water Soluble Melt & Pour Soap


Continuing on with Super Hero month, we decided to make Avenger’s soap! We love water-soluble paper here. Anything you can print on a piece of paper can be embedded into your melt and pour soap! We couldn’t wait to embed our favorite crime-fighting team into soap! Keep reading to learn more about how to put YOUR favorite heroes in soap 🙂

What You’ll Need:

Water Soluble Paper
12 bar square silicone mold
Smoky Patchouli FO
10 drops liquid red
5 drops liquid orange
2 drops liquid black
2 drops liquid green
Forks (6)
Mugs (6)

If you are not local, you can find all of this and more at Bramble Berry!


***You will need to print your pictures at least 24 hours in advance to help prevent the ink from bleeding***

Ensure your pictures are 2 1/2″ by 2 1/2″. Print your pictures through your laser printer. Cut them before you begin soaping.


Melt 4 oz of clear melt & pour soap. It needs to be clear melt & pour specifically, because other “clear” melt and pour bases, such as aloe or olive oil, have a slight tint to them, and we need this first layer to be as clear as possible. We also don’t want to fragrance this layer. Fragrance oils can discolor soap and again, we want to be able to see our picture as clearly as possible!

Melt 9 oz of shea melt & pour soap. Add 15 drops of Smoky Patchouli FO. Mix well. This soap will be the second layer of the soap. We want it to be white so the picture will really pop.

Remove your fork from the mug with the clear melt & pour and spray your mug with rubbing alcohol to rid the mug of bubbles. Wait for a minute or two before pouring to also help prevent bubbles.


Pour just enough of the clear soap into the mold as to cover the bottom of the mold. Spray once or twice with rubbing alcohol to remove any bubbles that may have formed.


Immediately place your picture face down in the soap. Place one end of the picture in the soap and slowly let the picture fall. The soap should slowly saturate the picture. Repeat with all four pictures. Remember which cavity has which picture! We will be corresponding the pictures to the colors on the second layer of the soap. Wait a few minutes for the soap to solidify enough to layer.


Once the first layer has solidified enough to layer, pour your shea melt & pour soap over a spoon or a fork to help prevent breakthrough. We call this the spoon-fork technique. If you don’t have experience working with layering melt and pour soap, we recommend you check out this blog first. Fill the mold about halfway full.


Measure out two mugs each with 3 oz of shea melt & pour. Measure our another two mugs, each with 3 oz of clear melt & pour. Pop in the microwave on 30 second bursts until fully melted.

In one of the shea mugs, add 10 drops of liquid red oxide colorant and 5 drops Smoky Patchouli FO.

In the other shea mug, add 5 drops orange colorant and 5 drops Smoky Patchouli FO.

In one of the clear mugs, add 2 drops liquid black oxide and 5 drops Smoky Patchouli FO.

In the other clear mug, add 2 drops liquid green and 5 drops Smoky Patchouli FO.


Once the second layer has solidified enough to layer, pour your layers using the spoon-fork technique. The black layer is for the avengers logo, the green is for the hulk, the orange is for black widow, and the red is for Iron Man.



Let your soap solidify completely, either by placing in a freezer for about 30 minutes, or leaving at room temperature for a couple of hours. Pop of of the mold and enjoy!

avengers 2


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