Bath Salts with Petals


Mother’s Day is coming up fast! For those of you that need a last-minute gift, these bath salts are the perfect fit! This recipe is fun and easy and the salts smell soo good! Lavender Essential Oil is soothing and relaxing, while Epsom Salt helps to relax sore muscles from a hard days’ work. Keep reading to find out more about how to make the perfect Mother’s Day gift, or just a treat for yourself!

**This recipe yields about two 4 oz Spice Jars of Bath Salts**

What You’ll Need

3.25 oz Extra Small Pink Sea Salt
3.5 oz Medium Pink Sea Salt
2.75 oz Epsom Salt
1 mL Lavender E.O.
1 mL Clover & Aloe F.O.
1 mL Oatmeal Milk & Honey F.O.
Sprinkle Dried Rose Petals
Sprinkle Dried Lavender Buds
Sprinkle Calendula


Droppers (2)
Mixing bowls (3)
Mixing Spoons
4 oz Spice Jars (2) **We do not offer these particular jars at Otion, nor does Bramble Berry

**Not local?? You can find most of these ingredients and more online at Bramble Berry. They will ship directly to you!**


Weigh out 3.25 oz of Extra Small Pink Sea Salt.


Add 1 mL of Lavender 40/42 E.O. Mix well.


In a separate bowl, measure out 3.5 oz of Medium Pink Sea Salt.


Add 1 mL of Clover & Aloe F.O. and mix well.


In a third bowl, measure out 2.75 oz of Epsom Salt.


Add 1 mL of Oatmeal Milk and Honey F.O. and mix well.pic5

Divide the Medium Pink Sea Salt evenly between the two spice jars.


Sprinkle a thin layer of dried rose petals on top of the salt.


Divide the Epsom Salt evenly between the two spice jars.


Sprinkle Dried Lavender Buds on top of the Epsom Salt.


Fill the container right to the rim of the container with the Extra Small Pink Sea Salt.pic10

Add Dried Calendula to the top of the container. If you would like, you could also just fill the container to the top with the Extra Fine Pink Sea Salt. We did one each way.



Enjoy your bath sea salts in a warm bath, or just as a display!

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