Bridesmaid Pedicure Jar


Brides, you want your wedding to be perfect…so you choose those closest to you to help you celebrate. But why not make the honor of being in the wedding a little more enticing? Spoil your potential bridesmaids and ask them to join your wedding party with these adorable pedicure jars. 🙂

What You’ll Need:

Glass Jar or Mason Jar w/ Lid
Pedicure Set
Epsom Salt
Nail Polish (we made our own with Plum Dusk Mica)
Small Lotion (we used our Shea Body Butter Base)


We made our nail polish using our suspending nail polish base and plum dusk mica. We added 10 mini scoops of color and mixed until completely incorporated.


The shea body butter base is great for feet because it is extremely moisturizing for dry areas.


Fill the bottom of the jar about two inches full with epsom salt.


Add the nail polish, lotion, toe separators, nail clippers, nail file etc. in the jar however you wish.



On the computer create a cute label to ask your friend to be a bridesmaid. We decided on ‘Will you help me tie the knot?’. Print out on a waterproof label or regular paper. Cut to the size of the cap and adhere.


Cap the jar and give to the ones you love the most!



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