Bunch O’Grape Melt & Pour

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March is Fruit Month! This month we will be chomping down on some delicious fruit-themed blog projects. This first grape-tastic blog definitely looks good enough to eat! We used a combination of Plum Dusk Mica and Queen’s Purple Mica to make the perfect purple for our grapes, and scented the bunch with one of Bramble Berry’s newest fragrance oils, Sugared Grape. Keep reading to learn more on how to make this tasty-looking soap treat!

What You’ll Need

20 oz Clear Melt & Pour
1/4 tsp Plum Dusk Mica
1/4 tsp Queen’s Purple Mica
3 mL Sugared Grape FO
3 drops Liquid Green
99% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol


Easy Pour (or Pyrex Measuring Cup)
Empty Paper Towel Roll
9 Ball Medium Silicone Mold
Hot Glue Gun
Clean Up Tool
12″ Silicone Loaf Mold

**If you’re not local, you can get all of this and more at Bramble Berry! They will ship directly to you!**


Weigh out 12 oz clear melt & pour soap and melt in microwave in 30 second bursts. Add 3 mL Sugared Grape FO, 1/4 tsp Plum Dusk Mica, and 1/4 tsp Queen’s Purple Mica. Stir well until color is fully incorporated.



Pour soap into the 9 Ball Medium Silicone Mold and spray with rubbing alcohol to remove bubbles. Note: 12 oz will fill two of the 9 Ball Medium Silicone Mold. If you don’t have two of the molds, you can wait for the first set to harden and popped out before pouring the rest.

pic 3

While waiting for your soap to set, prepare your empty paper towel roll. This is what we will be “gluing” the soap grapes to. Cut the paper towel roll open as shown below. Roll the cardboard as tight as you can and hot glue it in place so it doesn’t unravel. Now cut to desired length.



Now to prepare the stems. Weigh out 8oz of clear melt and pour soap and melt in microwave in 30 second bursts. Add three drops of liquid green colorant. Pour a very thin layer into the 12″ silicone loaf mold. Color the remaining soap purple and use as the “glue” for the grapes.


Start “gluing” the soap grapes to the paper towel roll. Do so by using a dropper to squeeze soap onto grapes. Place in desired location, add pressure, and wait until the grapes have set. Repeat until you are satisfied with the amount of grapes.



If need be, you can cut the grapes in half, or carve out some of the bottom to better fit the grape in the desired location.



At this point you will be able to curl your stems. Remove the green melt and pour soap from the 12″ silicone loaf mold and cut into thin slices. You want them to be long and thin, about 1 cm across.


Wrap the slices around a clean-up tool (or a pen or pencil) to curl.


“Glue” to the underside of the grapes.


Clean up the excess melt and pour “glue” with a clean up tool.



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2 Responses to Bunch O’Grape Melt & Pour

  1. Joanne April 5, 2017 at 10:52 PM #

    Can you use a rolled up tube made from glycerine instead of a paper towel roll?

    • Otion - The Soap Bar April 5, 2017 at 11:10 PM #

      Hi Joanne!
      You can certainly try to use glycerin soap instead of a paper towel roll! It may be more difficult to “glue” the soap grapes to the soap than to the paper towel roll, but it should work!