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Crazy For Cupcakes!

Ta da! Take a look at our brand new window display featuring one of our favorite projects; bath bomb cupcakes! These are scented with a blend of peach fragrance oil and orange Valencia essential oil. They look and smell good enough to eat. Drop one of these into your tub for a fizzy, bubbly, fragrant bath experience. If you would like to learn how to make these, please watch the Soap Queen video below, then grab the Bath Bomb Cupcake Kit and get started!

For a fun alternative to the frosting, use your favorite cold process soap recipe and whip it up to a super thick trace. I like to add 1 tablespoon of meringue powder for extra stickiness. Pipe the soap batter just like you would in the video. Use the fizzy first, and then pop off the frosting top and use that as your soap! (Oh, did I mention glitter? You have to put glitter on top! It’s so cute.)

Erin from Naiad Soap Arts put together a fabulous guest blog post tutorial on how to make the entire cupcake out of cold process soap. This is one of my very favorite tutorials, and her pictures are always incredible.

Go forth and make cupcakes!

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Rainbow SuperLoaf

We always have extra and scrap soap laying around the soap bar.  What’s a better way to spend a rainy afternoon than giving it new life?

Step 1: Gather all your scraps, unsold soaps, and leftover soaps from the holidays and sort them out by color.


Step 2: In a loaf mold (we like our silicone loaf mold) make a thin layer of soaps.  We’ve melted some down, and used other small bars as embeds to add visual interest.  Make a different layer for each color group of scrap soap.

Step 3: Line all your thin layers up on their sides in the same loaf mold.  Space them evenly, and spray liberally with rubbing alcohol.

Step 4: Pour in your clear soap!

Step 5: Unmold your new SuperLoaf!  Each bar will be unique, and you’ll never make the same loaf twice!

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Mint Julep Vegan Lip Balm


This last week Kat made some adorable layered mint julep lip balms from Brambleberry’s new Vegan Lip Balm Base.

This super easy lip balm project, in addition to tasting delicious (mint julep has always reminded me of summer), is layered with two fun colors, making the resulting lip balm uniquely cute and fun.

What you need:
4 oz Vegan Lip Balm Base
14 Daisy Lip Butter Pots
3 ml Mint Julep Flavor Oil
1 mini scoop Shamrock Mica
1 mini scoop Opalescent Green Mica
1 mini scoop Cappuccino Mica
3 droppers
3 mini scoops
2 heat resistant pitchers

First, melt down 4 ounces of Vegan Lip Balm Base and stir in 3 ml Mint Julep Flavor Oil. Separate base into two containers and color one portion with a mini scoop of cappuccino mica, and the other portion with one mini scoop each of opalescent green mica and shamrock green mica. Stir well and keep melted. Fill 1/3 of each daisy lip pot with a layer of brown lip balm.

Let the brown layer set up for a minute and then pour a layer of green. Leave the top green, or use a dropper to top off the pots with one more layer of brown. Let harden, cap, and enjoy!

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Soap For Your Valentine

Brand new at Otion is this adorable heart mold just in time for making those Valentine’s Day projects. I used one pound of Low Sweat Opaque melt-and-pour soap base, Champagne fragrance oil (try blending it with Strawberry!), Red Blue Mica, Rose Pearl Mica, Red LabColor, and Iridescent Pink Glitter.

Step 1. Melt down the entire soap base and add 4ml Champagne fragrance oil.

Step 2. Pour about 2 oz of melted base into a separate cup and add one mini scoop of Rose Pearl Mica, Red Blue Mica, and Iridescent Pink Glitter. Stir really well to break down any clumps of pigment.

This small amount of soap will harden quickly in your cup, so be prepared to re-melt it in the microwave in 15 second bursts.

Step 3: Use a dropper to squeeze the pink soap in the heart sections of two big bars (= 4 small hearts). Spray rubbing alcohol while you work to eliminate bubbles.

Step 4: We’re going to deepen the pink for some variation. Add three drops of Red LabColor to your melted pink soap. Finish the rest of the heart details with this shade.

When the details harden, use a clean up tool to scrape away over-fill.

Step 5: Spray rubbing alcohol on the heart details and pour the rest of the white soap into the mold. Be sure not to pour soap that is over 115 degrees F or it will melt your detail work. Spraying rubbing alcohol first ensures that your layers will stick together.

I poured the rest of my dark pink over one of the bars with the light pink hearts for a fun look! Put your soap in the freezer for about 15 minutes and pop them out. Cut along the score marks on each large bar to get double the soap! They are the perfect little size for Valentine gifts at school or the guest bathroom.

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