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Indigo Hair Chalk


It’s about that time of year where the warm sun and clear blue skies call us all outside. I can’t think of a better way to add even more brightness to your life, than with this vibrant hair chalk! These fun blues can add a slight change or a major pop to your daily look. For more fun recipes, be sure not to miss  our last rainbow inspired blog next week that will bring the color violet to life!

What You’ll Need:

2 tbsp. Indigo Powder, Ultramarine Blue, Bright Blue Jean
1/2 tsp. Kaolin Clay
1 tbsp. Witch Hazel
1/2 tsp. Arrowroot Powder
1/2 tsp. Distilled Water

**If you are not local, you can get all of this and more at Bramble Berry! They will ship directly to you!**


Wearing gloves, mix together the kaolin clay and indigo powder.

1 2 3

Create a slurry with the arrowroot powder and water. Mix it together using Bramble Berry’s white mini mixer. Microwave for 5 seconds. You want it a bit thick, but you want to be sure it doesn’t get gummy. I noticed anything over 6 seconds turned gummy.

4 5 6

Now is the time you will add the witch hazel to the dry powders. Hand mix together while still wearing gloves.


Once mixed, add the slurry to the mixture. Squish together until the texture is like modeling clay. You don’t want it too crumbly or wet.
If it’s too dry, spritz with witch hazel one spritz at a time.

8 9

Roll the mixture onto parchment paper until you get the desired shape you’d like. Allow to dry overnight.

We made three different colors using indigo powder, ultramarine blue and bright blue jean.


To use:
(From SoapQueen)

1. Wet the hair you’d like to chalk with a spray bottle.

2. Apply the chalk however you’d like to the your wet air.

3. Comb through to evenly distribute the chalk throughout your hair.

4. You now want to set the chalk with a heat source. I’d recommend blow drying hair and not putting a straight iron or curling iron on wet hair as that can damage it.

5. Style hair however you’d like, then spray chalked hair with hairspray so it doesn’t brush off onto clothing!



For a simpler hair chalk tutorial, check out this Hair Powder 2: Neons, Brights & Pastels tutorial!

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Peppermint Shampoo


As a child I would run outside whenever it snowed and try to catch snowflakes on my tongue! And for some reason, every year I expected them to taste like peppermint. 🙂 Even though they never did, I still enjoy that scent and associate it with the holidays. We love the invigorating feeling of peppermint and thought we’d add it to a shampoo this holiday season – but really this is a great shampoo year round!

A note from “This shampoo base is designed to deep clean your hair while moisturizing. This shampoo base is made with ingredients that nourish your hair giving you the healthy, shiny, smooth-looking hair you desire. This base is simple to use, just cold mix your fragrance and other ingredients and create your own line of shampoo products.”

What You’ll Need:

8 oz Stephenson Organic Shampoo Base
1 mL Peppermint 2nd Essential Oil
(1) 8 oz Clear Bottle w/ Pump
Easy Pour Container

In an easy pour container weigh out 8 oz of the stephenson organic shampoo base and 1 mL of peppermint 2nd essential oil.

1 2

Once the peppermint essential oil has been mixed in, pour the shampoo into an 8 oz clear bottle.


You can then follow up with the stephenson organic conditioner base and add your own essential oil or fragrance oil.


If you prefer using shampoo bars, here is a great tutorial on a blonde shampoo bar!

You can also receive 15% off this shampoo base for the entire month of December. But the sale is only good at Otion: The Soap Bar.

12 Blogs of Christmas Schedule:

December 21st – Grinch Kabobs (yummy!)

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Beard Oil & Mustache Wax

It seems like there is a full on facial hair trend happening, not only here in the Pacific Northwest, but in climates of all kinds.  For some gentleman this is new territory.  However, if it’s a new face or an older and wiser face in need, we have TWO recipes that will benefit even the most tousled and untamed of tresses.  Help the rugged gentlemen in your life to stay on point with their style.


Beard Oil

What You’ll Need:

0.5 oz Sweet Almond Oil
0.5 oz Hemp Seed Oi
6 drops Cedarwood E.O. (15% off during the month of June at Otion)
4 drops Lavender 40/42 E.O.
2 drops Tea Tree E.O.
2 drops Bay Laurel E.O.
1 drop Rosemary E.O.
1 drop Lime E.O.
1 oz Blue Glass Dropper Bottle

If you can’t make it in to Otion, head on over to Bramble Berry’s website to have everything you want delivered right to your door!

1. Weigh out 0.5 oz sweet almond oil and 0.5 oz hemp seed oil into the 1 oz blue glass dropper bottle.



2. After your oils are combined, add in the drops of each essential oil.

4 5 6

3. Put the dropper in and shake so all the oils are intermixed.

Sweet almond oil and hemp seed oil help keep the skin moisturized and reduces skin inflammation. This means this beard oil will help prevent ingrown beard hairs as well as preventing the hair from becoming brittle. If you’d like to use a lighter oil, we recommend trying using grape seed oil. Grape seed oil also helps reduce inflammation that can happen due to dry skin and non conditioned beard hairs.



Mustache Wax

What You’ll Need:

2 oz Yellow Beeswax
2 oz Coconut Oil
1 oz Argan Oil (15% off during the month of June at Otion)
1 mL Cedarwood Essential Oil (15% off during the month of June at Otion)
1 mL Mallow Extract (15% off during the month of June at Otion)

If you can’t make it in to Otion, head on over to Bramble Berry’s website to have everything you want delivered right to your door!

1. Completely melt down the coconut oil and weigh out 2 oz in a microwaveable safe dish.


2. Once you have weighed out the coconut oil, add in 1 oz of argan oil. Mix together with a stiring utensil.


3. Now you can add 2 oz of yellow beeswax to the oil combo. Heat in the microwave on 30 second bursts until melted.


4. Once the yellow beeswax is melted, add is 1 mL cedarwood essential oil and 1 mL mallow extract. Mix in well. Cedarwood is not only soothing to the skin it acts as a great grounding scent, whereas mallow extract is hydrating and supports moisture balance within the shaft of the hair. Plus both of these fabulous ingredients are 15% off during the month of June here at Otion!


5. Finally you are ready to pour into your choice of packaging. We used our new 4 oz square tin with clear cover and a 1 oz screw top tin.


Use this mustache wax to style and control your magnificent mustache. Using mustache wax is fun because it opens up a world of wonderful facial possibilities, plus it keeps those unruly whiskers in place and out of your mouth too! This recipe is very lightly scented so that there is no overwhelming smell lingering on ones face all day, but feel free to adjust the amount of essential oil to your liking.

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Not every gentleman is blessed with facial hair to pamper, so check out these other ideas for spoiling those clean-faced men in your lives.  An essential oil blend to deter snoring, a smokey patchouli candle to freshen up any mancave, or our new favorite Working Man’s Salve to soften even the most rugged of hands.

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Whipped Split End Treatment


Are you one of the many girls that blow drys and straightens or curls your hair everyday? Then you know what its like to have dry, damaged hair. As well as pesky split ends. Sometimes the only thing to do is get a fresh haircut, but we have come up with a great treatment that includes Argan Oil, Nettle Extract and Egyptian Geranium Essential Oil. All amazing products for your hair.

Featured Ingredient:
Avocado Butter


What You Will Need:
1.2 oz Coconut Oil
5 oz Avocado Butter
0.7 oz Argan Oil
0.3 oz Nettle Extract
1.5 mL Moonlight Pomegranate FO
1mL Egyptian Geranium EO
Hand Mixer
Glass Pyrex Bowl


1. First you will want to weigh out your avocado butter. Once you have done that you will want to whip your butter until it is fluffy.


2. Next, you will want to melt down your coconut oil and add to your butter. Whip in well.


3. Now is the time you will add in your nettle extract. Nettle has been used to improve the appearance of hair, so it gives it a little extra in your split end treatment. You will also add the argan oil. Argan is a nourishing addition to any hair care product. The essential fatty acid can help moisturize and define dry damaged hair. Once you have added both your extract and argan oil you can start whipping it together again.


4. Last but not least you will now add your Egyptian Geranium Essential Oil (great for strengthening hair) and Moonlight Pomegranate Fragrance Oil. Whip once more until completely smooth.


5. Now you’re ready to scoop your split end treatment into a jar. We used our newest blue glass jar!
After shampooing but before styling your hair, use this treatment on the ends of your hair.


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Hair Powder II: Neons, Brights and Pastels!

Neon Hair Powder Feature

 1 TBSP tapioca powder

1 TBSP colored oxide or mica

optional: 15-20 drops essential oil for scent

Simply mix together completely and it’s ready to use!


We have over 40 colors to choose from so the possibilities are endless!

The colors will wash off from your hands easily with soap and water.

If it gets on clothes it can be brushed away or washed as usual.

To remove color from hair simply shampoo it out!

Dark Hair Collage

For the demonstration on my dark-haired friend I used Fired Up Fushia.

On my blond hair I used Ultramarine Blue.

Blue Hair Collage

And this is a blend of Fizzy Lemonade, Fired Up Fushia, Aqua Pearl, Cellini Blue and Ultramarine Violet.

Bright Hair

Our recipe for hair powder makes it so easy to change your hair color without harmful chemical dyes or the commitment!

Come in to Otion The Soap Bar today to get everything you need!

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Oil Absorbing Color Enhancing Hair Powder

Natural Hair Powder

1 TBSP  tapioca powder

1 TBSP colored oxide

optional: 15-20 drops essential oil for scent

For darker results add 2 TBSP oxide

Simply mix together completely and it’s ready to use!


 With a comb or fingertips, rub in a small amount at a time, starting near the root of the hair. Blow-dry if you like or just style as usual.

The powder will enhance your color while absorbing oils!


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