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What’s New At Otion!

We’ve packed the store with all sorts of new products.! Here’s a quick look at  what’s new in the store:

Column Mold with Liner

Heavy Duty Column Mold

Nouveau Reed Diffuser Bottles

Nouveau Reed Bottle Kit, Brown

Round Glass Candle Jars

Round Glass Candle Jar, 14 oz

Tapered Neck Candle Jars

Tapered Neck Candle Jar, 10 oz

Multi-Bar Cutter

Multi-Bar Cutter

Glitters Galore

Glitter Sampler Pack

We’d love to also have Bramble Berry’s new line of Skin-Safe Candle fragrances, but we’re full up of the old style of candle fragrances!  So, until we’re sold out, all candle fragrances are on sale for just $2!  They’re clearing out fast, so get ’em while you can.

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Special Orders at Otion!

Did you know we can special order anything from and have it for you to pick up at Otion?  This is a great option if you’re a Bellingham local, or will be visiting the area and you’d like to pick some things up.  However, there are a few things to keep in mind before placing a special order with Otion:

1. Our Pricing Is Different.  Thought Bramble Berry is our only supplier, we are not Bramble Berry, and we do have different pricing.  That means we aren’t able to match the prices on the Bramble Berry website, or honor their gift certificates, coupons or web specials.  But, when you get your products though us, you won’t have to pay shipping.  Plus, you get to smell everything in the store, and get some hands-on time with the new products!

2. We Need 24 Hour Notice.  Because we do make a trip to our vendor to pick up your items, we do need 24 hours notice to fill your order.

So how do you go about placing a special order with Otion?  It’s really easy!  Just email your order to before 5pm PST and we’ll give you a call to confirm!  Please be sure to include your name, contact phone number, and the contact information of the person picking up your order.  If you’re sending someone else to grab your order, please do them a favor and provide them a copy of your order so we can double check the order at the time of pickup.  You’re welcome to pre-pay for your order, but please keep in mind that once we’ve charged your card, we can’t make any changes to your order!  Once the order is picked up, we’ll ask you (or the person picking it up) to sign to confirm that everything’s been picked up.  We’ll print off a copy of your receipt, and send you on your way!

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Crushed Rose Salt Soak

While cleaning up our soap lab, I knocked over an open bag of Dead Sea Salt all over my freshly cleaned table!  Not wanting it to go to waste, my creativity kicked in and I created this lovely salt soak.  The addition of goat’s milk gives a lovely softness to the bath water, without being so much milk to create a milk bath.



1 cup Dead Sea Salt

1/4 cup crushed Rose Petals

1 Tablespoon Sweet Almond Oil (or Jojoba Oil)

1 Tablespoon Powdered Goat’s Milk

1 ml English Rose Fragrance Oil


Step 1: Measure out 1 cup of dead sea salt into a mixing bowl.

Step 2: Crush up some rose petals.  I happened to have a bag that had been “pre-crushed.”  Add about 1/4 cup to your dead sea salt and mix well.

Step 3: Add in 1 tablespoon of sweet almond or jojoba oil, and 1 tablespoon of goat milk powder; mix well!

Step 4: Add 1ml of English Rose.  If you like a stronger fragrance, you can add 2ml, but I found that was too overpowering for my delicate nose.

Mix and enjoy!  This recipe fits in out 8oz bail jar perfectly, and looks good to boot!


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Neon Ambrosia Soap

Originally posted on the SoapQueen blog, this tutorial is to-die-for cute, and perfect for summer.  It’s also a great way to use up odd-shaped melt and pour scraps in a really unique and fun way!  -Elizabeth

This project is inspired by a class Erin Pikor of Naiad Soaparts taught at Soap Weekend Intensive. Using translucent cut-outs of neon colored soap, I layered them over a white background and then cut them up into shapes with cookie cutters (using my core strength). Next I used the leftover soap scraps to make cute little embedded soap that is so quick, easy and cute I almost like them better than the main project!

How to Make Neon Ambrosia Soap from Soap Queen on Vimeo.

To make this SQTV project you will need:

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Are you The Next S.O.A.P Panel Member?

It’s that time of year again!  Bramble Berry is selecting panel members for the newest S.O.A.P pane.  Read on to find out how to enter!

We’re looking for the latest and greatest fragrances to add to the Bramble Berry lineup…and we need your help! For the next week, we’re on the hunt for 8 soap mavens to help us decide what fragrances to add for Fall/Winter 2012. Check out the mash up blog post from the last soap panel so you can see how much fun testing can be!

What’s the S.O.A.P. panel, you ask? Soap Opinion (Awesome) Panel members will receive one ounce fragrance samples of our top 10 choices of fragrances that were designed especially for us. We’ve already tested all of the S.O.A.P. panel fragrances and they’ve gone through our own internal Brambleberrian panel so you’re getting the best of the best (!). Give the cutting-edge fragrances a sniff AND test them in any product you like (really, anything!). Then fill out a survey to help distinguish the top choices. We want your honest opinion and thorough notes on testing!

How to apply: Tweet, Facebook, Pin or Blog about your favorite Bramble Berry product (including links) and why you should be selected for the S.O.A.P. team. We’ll announce the finalists on Monday, August 13th so get your tweets, posts and blogs done by next week (you’ll have all weekend to work on it)! Note: Your Tweets should have @brambleberry someplace in the body of the Tweet (but make sure they don’t just get directed directly to @brambleberry or else no one else can see them)! Be sure to link your blog post below in the comments so we can read about it and tag your post on Facebook or Pinterest if you’re doing things that route.

The Fine Print: We will be sending the fragrances out by the end of next week and we would like the surveys complete by September 7, which gives you about 3 weeks to test the fragrances. Please keep these dates in mind before you enter. We are looking for an accountable and enthusiastic panel, so be sure that this works out with your schedule! Because these fragrances can’t ship internationally, we are not able accept international entries.

Originally posted at Soap

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Gambling Soapmakers

Greetings from The Handcrafted Soapmaker’s Guild annual conference in Portland, Oregon! Myself (Kat), along with Anne-Marie, Amber (Bramble Berry marketing leader and display designer extraordinaire),  and the voice behind the phone from Bramble Berry’s amazing customer service, Courtney, all traveled the five-hour drive from Bellingham in a 15 passenger van. We set up on Tuesday morning and began seeing some familiar faces, particularly from Facebook. Let me just say, it is so wonderful meeting everyone in person and seeing just how friendly you all are and how passionate you are about your craft.


This is our display set up in the vendor hall, all designed by Amber and custom made for us at our mold making company with their giant CNC machine. We have a selection of fragrances by category for your sniffing pleasure, and some of our favorite projects and tools with instruction handouts and samples. We aren’t selling anything, but we are giving everything away in raffle drawings at the end of the event.

The talks so far have been nothing short of amazing. I really enjoyed Ruth Esteves‘ presentation on using alternative liquids for the lye solution in cold process soapmaking. Did you know it takes 2 hours to simmer off 90% of alcohol in beer or wine? And if you leave it uncapped overnight, you lose 30% just be evaporation! Also, the stench of using pretty much anything other than water in your soap is really bad, but if you freeze the liquid, it considerably reduces the smell. Fascinating!

Wednesday evening was Casino Night and everyone gambled for raffle tickets. It was SO much fun! Prizes for winning raffle numbers were from Bramble Berry and Wholesale Supplies Plus. Thursday evening was the Essential Wholesale special event with a live performance from March Fourth Marching Band that blew us all away. The high energy performance included dancers on stilts and outrageous outfits. I do believe I saw a pretty fantastic mustache as well.

Anne-Marie and I teach in a few hours and then tonight is the awards dinner. After that, we say our goodbyes to another amazing conference and head back up to Bellingham. It has flown by! Thanks to everyone who has made this a very successful and memorable event.

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