Clover & Aloe Shaving Cream

Continuing on with Aloe month, this wonderfully moisturizing shaving cream is the perfect addition for Aloe lovers! This amazing shaving cream is packed full of incredible ingredients such as Kokum Butter and Coconut Oil, making it so moisturizing you don’t even need to apply a lotion after shaving! Bentonite Clay helps create the perfect slip, and Natural Castile Soap ensures you are getting clean while you shave! And of course the addition of Aloe Extract makes it soothing for those days where you’ve had just a bit too much sun. It works great as a facial shaving cream as well, just reduce the amount of fragrance! Keep reading to find out more about this incredible project!

What You’ll Need:

5 oz Coconut Oil
4 oz Kokum Butter
2 oz Rice Bran Oil
1.5 oz Natural Castile Liquid Soap Base
1 oz Bentonite Clay
2 mL Optiphen
2 mL Aloe Extract
3 mL Clover & Aloe FO

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(3) 4 oz Bail Jars
Temp Gun
Easy Pour
Stirring Utensil


In an easy pour container, weigh out 5 oz of hot Coconut Oil.

In small chunks add 4 oz of Kokum Butter and stir until dissolved. You may need to microwave for an extra 20 seconds or so to accomplish this.

Once Kokum Butter has completely melted, add 2 oz of Rice Bran Oil and 1.5 oz of Natural Castile Liquid Soap Base and stir.

Add 1 oz Bentonite Clay and stir until clumps are completely gone. This may take a few minutes. You can run into issues of separation if not mixed properly, so when you think you’re done keep mixing for a couple extra minutes!

Add 2 mL Optiphen and 2 mL Aloe Extract and stir well.

Add 3 mL Clover & Aloe fragrance oil and mix VERY well. If you are making a facial shaving cream, we recommend only adding about half the fragrance.

Place your easy pour in the freezer and check on it every 5 minutes or so, stirring well and checking the temperature until it reaches 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you have reached 65 degrees, give it one last good stir and pour between three 4 oz plastic bail jars.

Enjoy your wonderfully moisturizing shaving cream!


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