Coffee Butter Lip Balm

final coffee lip balm

 It’s no secret that us Pacific North Westerners love our coffee. So we decided to dedicate this month to our favorite morning beverage! We’re kicking off Coffee Month with this super simple, super luxurious lip balm made almost entirely our of coffee butter. Coffee butter is safe to use in lip balm up to 100%, but we decided to add a little bit of beeswax to harden it just a tad, and a little bit of jojoba oil for an extra touch of amazing moisture. No need to flavor this wonderful product, as the smell and taste of the coffee butter is enough on its own. Coffee lovers rejoice!

**This recipe yields about 12 sliding lip tins**

What You’ll Need:

2 oz Coffee Butter
.3 oz White Beeswax
.35 oz Jojoba Oil


Microwave safe container


Measure 0.3 oz White Beeswax. Melt in microwave on 30 second bursts.


Once completely melted, add 2 oz of Coffee Butter. Pop back in microwave on 10 second bursts until fully melted. Make sure to mix well in between bursts. We want to add as little of an outside heat source as possible, as the Coffee Butter can crystallize and form a grainy lip balm if melted too quickly.


Add .35 oz Jojoba oil and mix well.


Pour into sliding lip tins.


Wait about 10-15 minutes for balm to cool before putting the lids on.


Enjoy your caffeine-bursted lip balm!


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