Coffee Clay Mud Mask


Need an excuse to pamper yourself? This mask is your ticket!  It’s the perfect combo of clay, coffee, rose water and essential oil to get yourself glowing again. We love the idea of designating an evening every week to take a little extra time for yourself. This is an easy addition to a relaxing bubble bath, or a night in with the girls.

What You’ll Need:

2 tsp. French Green Clay
1 tsp. Coffee Grounds
1-1.5 tsp. Rose Water
2-3 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil

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 In a small bowl, add the dry ingredients together.



Once the dry ingredients are mixed together, add the rose water and tea tree oil to form a paste. If it is still too dry, add a few drops extra of rose water.


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Use fingers to spread the mask over the face. Be sure not to get too close to your eyes.


Let sit for 5-15 minutes or until the mask hardens but doesn’t overly dry.
*When the mask is damp, your skin is being detoxified and infused with the clay’s minerals. When it starts to harden, your blood flow increases as the mask contracts, but once it starts to overly dry you can dehydrate your skin or cause irritation.

Rinse with warm water using slight circular motions. Pat dry with a clean towel and finish with a moisturizer.

*If you’d like, you can create this mask minus the rose water and essential oil and keep in a jar. When you’d like to use it, you can take out some of the clay mixture and mix the rose water and essential oil in your hand.


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