Crafter’s Corner – Bath Bombs

Rounding out the month of Crafter’s Corner kits, we’re looking at our last project, bath bombs! Bath bombs are an easy DIY project.  It only takes 3 ingredients to make them! All you need is citric acid, baking soda, & witch hazel to make basic bath bombs.  In our Crafter’s Corner we offer a few extra fun ways to personalize and create your own unique twist by also offering a variety of color and fragrance to mix and match. That way when you take a bath you get a yummy smell as well as changing your tub water to something fun!


This kit is probably one of the more tricky projects we offer in the Crafter’s Corner, sometimes it can be hard getting the right consistency to your bath bomb mixture. If you don’t spray enough witch hazel it can be too powdery and not keep its shape once in a mold, or if you spray too much witch hazel, it can ‘activate’ and grow in size! It always helps to follow our directions, but we are always here to lend a helping hand so that you end up with perfectly crafted bath bombs 🙂

The three main ingredients in making a basic bath bomb.
You get the choice of these micas to add to your bath bombs for fun color!
Along with color, you get to choose a fragrance oil. We also offer a variety of essential oils if you
prefer to go more natural.
You can’t forget about molds! We have a variety of different molds you get to choose from for your bath bombs!

Once you have chosen the color, fragrance, and molds you are ready to start making bath bombs!


First take the pre-measured baking soda and citric acid and add it to your bowl. Using your hands, mix together and break up any clumps you may find.

Now you can grab your mica you picked out before hand and add 1/8 tsp into your mixture. Once added mix together really well!
Next, add 2mL of fragrance or essential oil to your mixture. Again, mix well!
Next is the hard part! With our witch hazel spray bottle you will spray you bath bomb mixture 3 times and thoroughly mix your bath bombs. Continue spraying and mixing until you get the perfect consistency.  We have noticed it takes about 10 sprays to get it just about right.  After about 6 sprays, grab a handful and make a fist with it. If it holds it’s ball shape, you are ready to pack into your mold. If it falls apart, keep mixing and spraying.


Once you have got to the right consistency, you can start packing it into your mold.
If you want to use two different colors you can split your batch in half! Just be sure to put half of the color and half the fragrance. Otherwise it will be a bit overwhelming!
Leave your bath bombs in the mold for at least 30 minutes before popping them out!
If you use complementary colors, you’ll get a fun surprise color when you add it to your bath water!

There’s only a few more days to take advantage of the 15% off any Crafter’s Corner project!
So be sure to come in and make some handmade memories!

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