Crafter’s Corner – Melt & Pour

Can you believe it has already been a year since we redecorated and opened our Crafter’s Corner? A lot sure has changed in a year!

This month, Otion will take a look into the Crafter’s Corner. We will take you through each of our projects and show you all of the fun options we offer!

The Crafter’s Corner is a feature at Otion that gives you the opportunity to not only hand craft your own soaps but also lip balm, bath bombs, nail polish and a sugar scrub. This is a great addition to the many weekend classes we already offer! Reservations are encouraged, but walk-ins are welcome!

Want to know how it works? There are four stations available to accommodate multiple people at one time. These projects are for any age and there is always a teacher close by to lend a hand in creating your handmade memories.

Our most popular project is by far the Melt & Pour Soap!

melt and pour

We offer 6 of Bramble Berry’s premium soap bases from which you can choose: clear, olive oil, honey, white, shea, & goat’s milk.

When choosing a base it’s good to remember that when you add color, you will get more vibrant colors from the translucent bases and more pastel colors from the opaque bases.


Once you have decided on a base, it’s time to move over to the giant selection of molds that we offer. With so many choices this sometimes takes an extra moment to make sure you’ve picked the best ones. There are many molds that we sell, but we also have a handful of discontinued molds that are exclusive to the Crafter’s Corner.

Our wide selection of molds!

Van Gough’s Starry Night & President Reagan molds have since been discontinued, but we have them available to use in the Crafter’s Corner!

Now for the goodies! With 10 fragrance oils and 13 liquid colorants to choose from the combinations are endless! We also offer a variety of essential oils including Lavender, Lemongrass, and Peppermint.


Now it’s time to make some soap!

We help you divide and melt down your chosen soap bases. Then we hand the liquefied soap over to you to add color, fragrance and glitter if you desire. Once your goodies are fully mixed in, pour the soap into your molds. From here we pop them into our freezer. It takes about 15-20 minutes for the soap to get nice and hard again.

5 6
We are adding our liquid color to our melted soap base.
Now add glitter and mix in!
Now pick your fragrance oil and add to the melted soap base.
Once all your goodies are added, pour into your chosen molds.

Spray the soaps with rubbing alcohol to get rid of any bubbles on top.

This is a good time for customers to pursue the store or walk across the street to grab a sweet treat from Rocket Donuts!

Finally, we help pop your handmade soaps out of each mold and they are ready to enjoy!

With shapes and sizes for all soaping needs, these make great gifts, party favors, and help spruce up any soap dish!

Melt and pour soaping is a great project for all ages! And how great is it to be able to not make a mess in your own house? We take care of set up AND clean up so you don’t have to fret. So give us a call and reserve a spot for you and the kid to come down and make some handmade memories.

If you’re looking to get fancy with your melt and pour we offer a detailed Melt & Pour Class! It’s 3 hours filled with tips on detail, layering, and embedding. One of the coolest things taught in this class is how to use water soluble paper! Print out a picture and let it be the design of your soap!


Check out how we used it to make Otion’s Family Portrait Soap!


All projects in the Crafter’s Corner are 15% off for the month of May! Hurry in!

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