Crafter’s Corner – Sugar Scrub

Another great project we offer in the Crafter’s Corner is a Sugar Scrub! Now that summer is on it’s way it’s the perfect time to scrub away that winter skin! We utilize Lavender Buds, Lemon Peel Powder and Jojoba Beads as an extra exfoliant in our sugar scrub kits.


In this sugar scrub we use fine granulated white sugar, but you can use any kind you’d like. Even brown sugar! The liquid we use is Potassium Cocoate, which is a coconut oil liquid soap. We have placed Aloe Extract along with a preservative in the soap for extra healing properties and to make sure no bacteria grows in your scrub.



In the Crafter’s Corner you get the option of two 4 oz jars or one short 8 oz bail jar to put your scrub in!


Now lets get right into it! There are 6 easy steps in making a sugar scrub.
Keep reading to find out how!

Weigh out 1 cup of sugar into a bowl.
Add 12-14 pumps of the liquid soap into the sugar.
*Be sure you don’t over saturate your sugar, it’s supposed to be kind of crumbly and not gooey! Otherwise it will expand and not fit in your jars!*
Once the liquid soap is added to the sugar, mix mix mix!
Now you can choose your exfoliant! Add four 1/8tsp into the scrub and mix together.
You also get to choose from a variety of fragrance and essential oils. Once chosen, add up to 30 drops and once again, mix well.
Once all your goodies are added to the bowl and mixed together, pick your desired package and scoop the sugar scrub into the jar.


Every 3-4 months our Sugar Scrub Kit changes. We started out with a Salt Scrub Kit, utilizing pink himalayan sea salt and epsom salt. Check back in a few months and who knows what we will have planned for you!


Don’t forget that for the month of May we are offering 15% off all Crafter’s Corner projects!
Come in and make Melt & Pour Soap, Lip Balm, Bath Bombs, Nail Polish & a Sugar Scrub. Walk-ins welcome, but reservations are encouraged!

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