Essential Oil Snoring Blend

For the month of June we will be honoring all of the men in our lives by bringing you tutorials having to do with them! To start out we will be making an essential oil blend to help with snoring. There are a couple different ways to incorporate them into your nightly routine: a steam diffuser, a spray for your pillow, and a reed diffuser. Keep reading to find out how!


What You’ll Need:

Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil
Peppermint 1st Essential Oil
Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Cypress Essential Oil
Cedarwood Essential Oil
White Thyme Essential Oil

1 oz Blue Glass Dropper Bottle
Mini Spay Bottle
Diffuser with reeds

*Bramble Berry does not carry Cypress Essential Oil, but it can be found at Otion: The Soap Bar.*


1 oz Blue Glass Dropper Bottle:

4 mL Lavender 40/42 EO
4 mL Peppermint 1st EO
2 mL Eucalyptus EO
2 mL Cypress EO
2 mL Cedarwood EO
2 mL White Thyme EO

Combine each essential oil to a 1 oz glass dropper bottle. If you don’t like the smell of a certain essential oil, you can add a couple more drops of the stronger essential oils such as peppermint to help mask the smell.

2 4

Add 10 drops of this essential oil blend to a steam diffuser. Use while sleeping to help diminish snoring throughout the night.

Mini Spray:

1 mL Lavender EO
1 mL Peppermint 1st EO
0.5 mL Eucalyptus EO
0.5 mL Cypress EO
0.5 mL Cedarwood EO
0.5 mL White Thyme EO
4 mL Cyclomethocone

Combine each essential oil in a mini spray bottle, and fill the rest with cyclomethicone.

Use this essential oil spray to spritz on your pillow before you go to sleep at night. Cyclomethicone is a silicone base that will not stain your sheets and is great to dilute essential oils.

5 6

Reed Diffuser:

22 mL Lavender 40/42 EO
22 mL Peppermint 1st EO
11 mL Eucalyptus EO
11 mL Cypress EO
11 mL Cedarwood EO
11 mL White Thyme EO
3 oz DPG

Combine each essential oil into a diffuser and add 3 oz of DPG as the base. DPG is an alcohol base that will help disperse your essential oils into the air. Add in reeds and put in the bedroom to help with snoring.

7 8


Lavender, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Cypress, Cedarwood , and White Thyme essential oils have been known to help with snoring for a very long time. Along with a steam diffuser, spray and reed diffuser you can dilute any one of these essential oils and apply to your feet, chest, throat, shoulders, and nasal area to help with snoring. Be sure to not apply directly to skin as it may cause irritation.

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3 Responses to Essential Oil Snoring Blend

  1. Ravi May 7, 2016 at 12:50 PM #

    Thanks for sharing this remedy to stop snoring. I think consulting an ENT doctor for snoring treatment is a better idea.

    • Otion - The Soap Bar May 7, 2016 at 5:29 PM #

      Hi Ravi,
      We absolutely agree! We always recommend seeing a doctor for any ailment or treatment, but we have noticed this essential oil blend has helped with our snoring needs. But if it is ever a problem, seeing a specialist is the best route to go.



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