Peachy Keen Bath Bombs

Peachy Keen Final

Spring is finally here! While the weather is warming up, it’s still just so nice to relax with a warm bath and a glass of wine in the evening time. This week we were inspired to make adorable peach bath bombs that smell wonderful, look adorable, and help to soften your bath water. Hello relaxation time!

**This recipe yields about 4 peach bath bombs**

What You’ll Need:


2/3 cups Citric Acid
1 & 1/3 cups Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)
4 mL Southern Peach FO
Cantaloupe la Bomb
Witch Hazel

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Glass Bowl
Plastic Bath Bomb Molds (4)
Clean-Up Tool
1/3 measuring cup


Combine 2/3 cups citric acid and 1 & 1/3 cups baking soda (sodium bicarbonate).


pic 2

Mix well, making sure to break up any clumps.


Add 4 mL Southern Peach Fragrance Oil. Mix well, making sure the fragrance is fully incorporated and all clumps are broken down.


Add 11 drops of Cantaloupe la bomb. Mix well with gloved hands to ensure color is fully incorporated. Using gloves is important otherwise you will dye your hands!


Now the tricky part. Begin spraying witch hazel into the concoction. Continue spraying and mixing until you reach a consistency in which it keeps its shape after clumping into a ball in your hands. We sprayed 16 sprays. This is a very finicky amount, and can vary due to humidity and other factors.



Begin pressing your bath bomb mixture into the plastic bath bombs. Be sure to pack tightly.


Try to avoid having the bath bomb mixture packed into the crevices where the halves meet. This will make it easier to unmold.


Wait an hour or so for the bath bombs to set up. Then, using a clean-up tool, wedge the square side in between the two halves of the mold. Go around the circumference of the mold a few times to help loosen the mold.


Then begin prying the halves apart. Take your time gently pulling them apart. Be careful as to not apply too much pressure and send the bath bomb flying across the room and exploding everywhere.


Gently push the leaves into the bath bomb.


Allow the bath bombs to harden for another hour or so.

Final peach

Enjoy your adorably wonderful bath bombs with a relaxing bath and/or shower!

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