Pink Grapefruit Wax Tarts

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Continuing on with fruit month, we decided to freshen up our spaces with these adorably delicious wax tarts! We fragranced them with Pink Grapefruit fragrance oil, a refreshing and clean-smelling choice. This fun and easy blog is perfect for this seemingly endless winter. It’ll warm up your home, especially once paired with Bramble Berry’s White Leaves Tealight Warmer, pictured above. Keep reading to find out more!

**This recipe yields about 10 tarts**

What You’ll Need:


5.5 oz Ecosoya Pillar Blend.
0.4 oz Pink Grapefruit E.O.
Red Color Block

**If you’re not local, you can get all of this and more at Bramble Berry! They will ship directly to you!**


Citrus Wax Tart Mold
Easy Pour Measuring Cup
Mixing utensil (we used a fork)
Butter Knife (2)


Melt 5.5 oz Eco Soya Pillar Blend in 30 second bursts until fully melted.


Add 0.4 oz Pink Grapefruit F.O. to the melted wax. Stir well.


Shave a few pieces of Red Color Block using one of the butter knives until you reach your desired color. The color will appear much darker while the wax is melted. To get an idea of what the wax will look like once it has hardened, place a butter knife into the freezer until it is very cold. Then dip the knife into the wax. The wax should immediately harden, giving you a good idea of what the wax will look like once it has cooled.


Carefully Pour the wax into the Citrus Wax Tart Mold.



Insulate the wax overnight by placing a box over the mold. This lengthens the cooling process, helping to prevent the wax from cooling too quickly and cracking.


Now you can remove the wax tarts from the mold. Be careful when unmolding. Pillar blend is specifically designed to pull away from the mold as it hardens. The wax should easily pop out.

Final Pic

We used Bramble Berry’s White Leaves Tealight Warmer to melt the wax. One of the best parts of these wax tarts is once the fragrance completely burns out, you can just melt down the wax and add more fragrance!


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