Snowman Melt & Pour


The clock is ticking down the seconds until Christmas and it’s not long before “Santa” will be delivering presents! If you’re looking for a fun way to stuff stockings this year, try this cute melt and pour project. Using water soluble paper, make little snowmen in need of  hats and keep your loved ones warm, even with the holiday rush.

What You’ll Need:

12 Bar Silicone Square Mold
~8 oz White M&P
~2 oz Clear M&P
2 mL Holiday Candy Fragrance Oil
Water Soluble Paper w/ printed snowman face

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Before you start this project, you need to print the snowman face on the water soluble paper 24 hours in advance. This makes it so the ink fully dries and won’t bleed when it gets embedded into the soap.

Decide on the size you want the snowman face to be and create in a word document. Once printed, cut out pictures to the size of the mold. This makes it so the picture is centered and won’t move around.


After the water soluble paper has had time to sit for 24 hours, weigh out ~2 oz clear m&p and pour enough clear to just cover the bottom of the mold. Spray with rubbing alcohol and instantly place the water soluble paper upside down. We recommend doing one soap at a time so the clear doesn’t harden up.

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While you’re waiting for the clear to harden up a bit, weigh out ~8 oz white m&p and heat until melted. Once melted, add 2 mL holiday candy fragrance oil and mix in completely.


Check the layer of clear m&p to see if it has harden up. You want to be sure it has hardened up enough that when you pour the next layer it won’t break through. But, you don’t want it cooled all the way down. If it has, chances are it will separate.

When the clear is ready for the next layer, do the spoon-fork technique and pour over your stirring utensil. This helps the soap disperse evenly without breaking through the previous layer.


Spray with rubbing alcohol to get rid of all the bubbles and set aside to solidify. We do not recommend putting in the freezer as this can make the layers separate.

Once fully solidified pop the soaps out and place a small mitten on the top of the soap and tie with a ribbon. This is for the snowmans hat.



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