Special Orders at Otion!

Did you know we can special order anything from Brambleberry.com and have it for you to pick up at Otion?  This is a great option if you’re a Bellingham local, or will be visiting the area and you’d like to pick some things up.  However, there are a few things to keep in mind before placing a special order with Otion:

1. Our Pricing Is Different.  Thought Bramble Berry is our only supplier, we are not Bramble Berry, and we do have different pricing.  That means we aren’t able to match the prices on the Bramble Berry website, or honor their gift certificates, coupons or web specials.  But, when you get your products though us, you won’t have to pay shipping.  Plus, you get to smell everything in the store, and get some hands-on time with the new products!

2. We Need 24 Hour Notice.  Because we do make a trip to our vendor to pick up your items, we do need 24 hours notice to fill your order.

So how do you go about placing a special order with Otion?  It’s really easy!  Just email your order to info@otionsoap.com before 5pm PST and we’ll give you a call to confirm!  Please be sure to include your name, contact phone number, and the contact information of the person picking up your order.  If you’re sending someone else to grab your order, please do them a favor and provide them a copy of your order so we can double check the order at the time of pickup.  You’re welcome to pre-pay for your order, but please keep in mind that once we’ve charged your card, we can’t make any changes to your order!  Once the order is picked up, we’ll ask you (or the person picking it up) to sign to confirm that everything’s been picked up.  We’ll print off a copy of your receipt, and send you on your way!

One Response to Special Orders at Otion!

  1. Monica Glaboff (@SoapSudsations) September 4, 2012 at 3:05 PM #

    I’m so glad you posted this because there are times when I think, oh there’s something on the BB site I want but when I arrive at Otion it’s not necessarily available. So now I know to put in my order before I make the trek. Thanks!