Whipped Split End Treatment


Are you one of the many girls that blow drys and straightens or curls your hair everyday? Then you know what its like to have dry, damaged hair. As well as pesky split ends. Sometimes the only thing to do is get a fresh haircut, but we have come up with a great treatment that includes Argan Oil, Nettle Extract and Egyptian Geranium Essential Oil. All amazing products for your hair.

Featured Ingredient:
Avocado Butter


What You Will Need:
1.2 oz Coconut Oil
5 oz Avocado Butter
0.7 oz Argan Oil
0.3 oz Nettle Extract
1.5 mL Moonlight Pomegranate FO
1mL Egyptian Geranium EO
Hand Mixer
Glass Pyrex Bowl


1. First you will want to weigh out your avocado butter. Once you have done that you will want to whip your butter until it is fluffy.


2. Next, you will want to melt down your coconut oil and add to your butter. Whip in well.


3. Now is the time you will add in your nettle extract. Nettle has been used to improve the appearance of hair, so it gives it a little extra in your split end treatment. You will also add the argan oil. Argan is a nourishing addition to any hair care product. The essential fatty acid can help moisturize and define dry damaged hair. Once you have added both your extract and argan oil you can start whipping it together again.


4. Last but not least you will now add your Egyptian Geranium Essential Oil (great for strengthening hair) and Moonlight Pomegranate Fragrance Oil. Whip once more until completely smooth.


5. Now you’re ready to scoop your split end treatment into a jar. We used our newest blue glass jar!
After shampooing but before styling your hair, use this treatment on the ends of your hair.


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