Wonder Woman Nail Polish Trio


April showers bring May flowers! We sure hope so. Either way we are fighting our way through the season with Super Hero Month! We thought it was only appropriate to kick off Super Hero month with a warrior princess of the Amazonian people who also happens to be a demigoddess. Who wouldn’t want to embody such a Queen? These nail polish colors are the perfect combo to honor such a classic superheroine. Read on to learn how we made Wonder Woman inspired nail polish!

***This recipe yields three nail polishes***

What You’ll Need:


Suspending Nail Polish Base
Rectangular Nail Polish Bottles (3)
Mini Scoops (7)
3 mini scoops Electric Bubblegum Colorant
2 mini scoops Merlot Sparkle Mica
2 mini scoops Tangerine Wow! Colorant
2 mini scoops Fizzy Lemonade Colorant
8 mini scoops King’s Gold Mica
8 mini scoops Caribbean Blue Mica
1 mini scoop Luster Black

Start by filling three rectangular nail polish bottles with Bramble Berry’s suspending nail polish base. Fill just to the 
shoulder of the bottle, leaving some space in the bottle to be able to mix your colors. 

pic 1

Add 8 mini scoops of king’s gold mica to one of the bottles and shake well.


Be sure to shake until the mica has been fully incorporated. You shouldn’t be able to see any dry mica when you remove the cap.
pic 6

Now add 8 scoops of Caribbean blue mica to the second rectangular nail polish bottle.


Add one scoop luster black mica to the same bottle. Shake well until mica is fully incorporated.

pic 3

Lastly we will work on the red. A perfect red is rather difficult to achieve, but we found a great combo for the red we were going for! Begin by adding 2 mini scoops of fizzy lemonade colorant.


Now add 2 mini scoops of tangerine wow! colorant.


Now add 2 mini scoops of Merlot sparkle mica.


Lastly add 3 mini scoops of electric bubble gum colorant. Shake well until fully incorporated.


Enjoy your fabulous wonder-woman inspired nail polish!final1

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